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School Managing Committee "A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team"

Board Of Management

List of Members of School Managing Committee with Their Post Held :

S.No Name Position in School Managing Committee
1 Mrs. S.Thenmozhi Principal - Member Secretary
2 Mr.E.Sathyaraj Member (Parent Representative)
3 Mrs.C.Thilagavathi Member (Parent Representative)
4 Mrs.S.Pushpa Member (Teacher Representative)
5 Mr.N.Hemanathan Member (Teacher Representative)
6 Dr.Priya Inbanesan Member (Doctor Member)
7 Mr.V.Ravichandran Member (Advocate)
8 Mr.D.Sarvesan Member (Educationist)
9 Dr.Reema Stella Jayachandran Member (Nominated by Trust)
10 Mr.R.Kuppusamy Member (Chairman)
11 Mr.V.Raja Member (Nominated by Trust)
12 Mrs.T.S.Savitha Member (Nominated by Trust)

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