VIS School

Next Gen Class

The school empowered with cutting edge and internationally acclaimed smart class program fosters a rich and varied learning environment. Our school brings technology into every classroom thereby instrumental in creating a meaningful learning experience. Smart class enables teachers to engage students through highly captivating visuals, graphics, animation, videos and other digital materials as they transact specific curriculum concept in class. Smart digital class provides every child a better skill development and the concepts driven approach to strengthen their knowledge. Our classrooms are equipped with smart boards and other digital classrooms tools. This new-age teaching platform provides better conceptual understanding through audio-visual content, 2D & 3D animation, simulations and more. Not only this, digital classrooms expose students and teachers to the latest technology and empowers them to become tech-savvy.

Real World Learning

Our labs are equipped with new-age teaching-learning tools which links the children with real world skills. Science lab, computer lab, Language lab and more offer an interactive and engaging learning environment by empowering students with hands-on activities. The simulations and experiments provide a better conceptual understanding and develop a love for learning among students.

Role Playing

Role plays provide students with the opportunity to take part in activities which mirror career-related scenarios. Some basic role play we practice during communication classes enhance the students confidence and fluency. We give -

- Interview practice
- Marketing
- Teaching
- Debates


During class hours, we create an open-ended question or topic based questions for discussion. Supportive environment will be established. We do not add evaluation or comments during brainstorming. The students/pairs/groups share brainstorming with the entire class about the topic. Finally, misconceptions will be corrected and summarize thoughts at the end of the session.